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portada Daddy and me (in English)

Daddy and me (in English)

Sydney Hanson (Author) · Tiya Hall (Author) · Cottage Door Press (Illustrated by) · Cottage Door Press · Board Book

Daddy and me (in English) - Hall, Tiya ; Cottage Door Press ; Hanson, Sydney

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Synopsis "Daddy and me (in English)"

Little Bear and Daddy Bear share a special day together exploring the woods in this heartwarming story that captures the special bond shared between a father and child. Beautiful illustrations paired with lively, rhyming text will keep little ones entertained and engaged while following along to this sweet woodland story. Join Little Bear as she plays, explores, and learns with her daddy while sharing lots of hugs and support along the way! A cute and cozy sturdy board book perfect for storytime or bedtime with Dad!Check out all of the other books in the Cottage Door Press collection, including other perfect gifts for Father's Day, expectant fathers, your little boy or girl, and all occasions. Beautifully captures the unconditional love shared between a parent and child Sweet and playful illustrations by well-known artist, Sydney Hanson, and rhyming text make for an engaging and entertaining read for your daughter or son Sturdy large board pages and padded durable cover suitable for even the littlest babies and toddlers. Easy for little ones to follow along as they share the story together. Touches on themes of empathy, bonding, encouragement, and unconditional love Perfect gift for baby showers, a birthday, Father's Day, new dads, little valentines, first libraries, grandfathers, and more!

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