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portada Food Fortification: Trends and Technologies (in English)
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Food Fortification: Trends and Technologies (in English)

Bashir Khalid,Jan Kulsum,Maurya Vaibhav Kumar (Author) · Crc Press · Hardcover

Food Fortification: Trends and Technologies (in English) - Bashir Khalid,Jan Kulsum,Maurya Vaibhav Kumar

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Synopsis "Food Fortification: Trends and Technologies (in English)"

In a world that is constantly evolving, our understanding of nutrition and its impact on human health has grown exponentially. Food, once merely a source of sustenance, is now recognized as a powerful tool for improving public health and well-being. Organized into four sections, Food Fortification: Trends and Technologies presents a comprehensive exploration of food fortification--from its historical roots to its modern applications.Part I introduces the concept of food fortification as a potential strategy for the control of micronutrient malnutrition and the role of micronutrients in human health, recommended dietary allowance, and source. It also details the deficiency, prevalence, populations under risk, and factors contributing to micronutrient deficiency. Part II summarizes the prevalence, causes, and consequences of vitamin deficiencies. It lays a framework for national and international fortification programs. In addition, it provides information about case studies, the impact of fortification on food textural and sensory properties, as well as challenges with currently used fortification methods. Part III provides technical information on various minerals that can be used to fortify foods, including their chemistry, absorption, metabolism, and biological role. It also reviews their applications in specific food vehicles. Part IV describes the key steps involved in food bioactive fortification. This section also deals with the fortification of multigrain flour and challenges associated with PUFA fortification. It also highlights the important roles of encapsulation on bioavailability, with examples of fortification in dairy, egg, bakery, confectionery, and other products.This book delves into the critical realm of fortifying our food supply to address the complex nutritional challenge and is a tribute to the progress that has been made in food fortification over the past few decades, as well as a call to action for the work that still lies ahead.

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