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portada Not in Love (in English)
Physical Book
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Not in Love (in English)

Ali Hazelwood (Author) · Berkley Books · Paperback

Not in Love (in English) - Ali Hazelwood

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Synopsis "Not in Love (in English)"

A forbidden, secret affair proves that all's fair in love and science--from New York Times bestselling author Ali Hazelwood. Rue Siebert might not have it all, but she has enough a few friends she can always count on, the financial stability she yearned for as a kid, and a successful career as a biotech engineer at Kline, one of the most promising start-ups in the field of food science. Her world is stable, pleasant, and hard-fought. Until a hostile takeover and its offensively attractive front man threatens to bring it all crumbling down. Eli Killgore and his business partners want Kline, period. Eli has his own reasons for pushing this deal through--and he's a man who gets what he wants. With one burning exception: Rue. The woman he can't stop thinking about. The woman who's off-limits to him. Torn between loyalty and an undeniable attraction, Rue and Eli throw caution out the lab and the boardroom windows. Their affair is secret, no-strings-attached, and has a built-in deadline: the day one of their companies will prevail. But the heart is risky business--one that plays for keeps.
Ali Hazelwood
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Ali Hazelwood es el seudónimo de una profesora italiana de neurociencia y escritora de novelas románticas. Sus historias se centran en mujeres en los campos STEM y académicos. Su primera novela, The Love Hypothesis, fue un éxito de ventas del New York Times.

Ali Hazelwood es autora de múltiples publicaciones... por desgracia, de artículos sobre neurología revisados por pares, en los que nadie se da besos y en los que el para siempre no es siempre feliz. Nacida en Italia, vivió en Alemania y Japón antes de trasladarse a Estados Unidos para doctorarse en neurociencia. Hace poco se convirtió en profesora, algo que la tiene aterrorizada. Cuando Ali no está trabajando, se dedica a correr, hacer ganchillo, comer cake pops y ver películas de ciencia ficción con sus dos jefes supremos felinos (y su algo menos felino marido). Su primera novela, "La hipótesis del amor", ha sido un éxito de ventas mundial. Disponible de Ali Hazelwood en Contraluz: "La hipótesis del amor" y "La química del amor".
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